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WP Baseball Services

     Wilson Performance Baseball's services are designed to help young players achieve their goal of playing collegiate baseball. Services range from providing performance evaluations, in-game scouting/reviews, mental game coaching and mentoring, insider access to a network of professional coaches and college recruiting support and advice via access to Next Collegiate Student Athlete's (NCSA) software.

Player Evaluation- Players will be taken through a “Showcase” style combine experience. A complete set of measurables will be gathered and players will be presented with a comprehensive report with a comparison to college level players. All players will receive an Current Overall Grade (1-6) based on where the player stands based on their measurables, plus a “Potential” Overall Grade based on their 12-Month, “Personalized Improvement Plan”. Baseball is a numbers game! From batting average, home runs and earned run average to all the advanced metrics used in the major leagues today, almost all player decisions are based upon these numbers. Knowing a player’s vital numbers is pertinent to today’s coaches. Below is a list of metrics a player will receive from a WPB Player Evaluation v. a Perfect Game Player Evaluation.


Below is the list of measurables we will provide:


WPB Player Evaluation                   Perfect Game Player Evaluation

Pitch Speed                                                         Pitch Speed

60 Yard Dash                                                      60 Yard Dash

10 Yard Split                                                       10 Yard Split

IF Velocity                                                           IF Velocity

1B Velocity                                                         1B Velocity

OF Velocity                                                         OF Velocity

C Velocity                                                           C Velocity

Pop Time                                                            Pop Time

Exit Velocity                                                        Exit Velocity


With WPB, players will receive these additional, important metrics:


Spin Rate

Vertical Break

Horizontal Break

Time to Plate from Stretch


Max Acceleration

Max Barrel Speed

Hand Speed

Attack Angle

Trigger to Impact


Home to First

Top Speed

WP Baseball Grading Scale

1- High School JV     2- High School Varsity 1 (low level NCAA DII/NCAA DIII/NAIA/low level JUCO)            3- High School Varsity 2 (high level NCAA DIII/NCAA DII/low-mid level NCAA DI/high level JUCO)

4High School Varsity 3 (mid-high level NCAA DI/high level JUCO)

5- High School Varsity 4 (high level NCAA DI/MLB Draft Prospect)

6- MLB Draft Material (Top 10 Round MLB Pick)

*Grading Scale based upon Metrics provided by NCSA Website

Cost: $100 (Multi-Player and Team Rates Available on Request)

In-Game Scouting- A WP Baseball Staff Member will attend one of your player's games. A complete assessment will be made of your player's in-game skills, his knowledge of the game, his approach at the plate and on the mound as well as his hustle/attitude/sportsmanship (every coach's favorite things to nitpick!) A report will be presented after the game.


Cost: $40 (plus travel expenses outside 40 miles from Ocala) 

Mental Game Coaching- Coach WIlson will use his skills acquired as both a collegiate baseball player and professional golfer to help your player develop the mental acuity needed to maximize his on-field performance. A solid mental approach and having control of one's emotions are paramount to athletic success.


Cost: $50/Session (45-60 minutes) 

College Recruiting Assistance (GOLD)- WP Baseball in partnership with the premier recruiting website in the game, Next Collegiate Student Athlete, provides the following services at the GOLD Level:

  • One Year NCSA Website Membership which includes a full Player Profile Page, complete access to all of NCSA's recruiting advice and webinars

  • Introduction Letter drafting assistance from Coach Wilson

  • Email/Phone access to Coach Wilson for follow-up advice throughout the One-Year Membership

Cost: $250 (One Year Membership)

College Recruiting Assistance (Platinum)- Our premium One Year Support Package. Includes everything from the GOLD Level Package plus a Player Evaluation, (1) In-Game Scouting Report, (1) Mental Game Coaching Session!

Cost: $400 (One Year Membership)


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