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2019 MFJGT Rules and Regulations

2022 Rules Test and Tour Regulations


2022 Tour Regulations

Eligibility- The MFJGT is open to all amateur junior players Age 11-18. The Tour reserves the right to reject any player's registration at it's discretion.


Entry Fees- All fees must be paid prior to a player is considered registered for any event.


Entry Deadline- All registrations and fees must be received by the Entry Deadline set by the Tour. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Cancellations/Refunds- Cancelling within 24 hours of the first tee time of the event will result in a $20 penalty to be taken out of the tournament entry fee. If a player does not show up for their tee time and fails to call, email or text, the player will forfeit their entire Entry Fee.


Prizes- The MFJGT will present each flight winner an MFJGT Medal. Players will also receive an FJT Exemption if they win their flight with more than 5 players taking part in the event.

Tournament Play

USGA Rules Govern All Tournament Play

All events are gross stroke play unless otherwise noted. 

Expected Pace of Play is 4 Hours for 18 holes and will be strictly enforced. A group will be warned one time they are behind pace, if they do not regain their position within two holes, each player in the group will be notified they are "on the clock". A good time will consist of striking your shot within 30 seconds of it becoming your turn to play. If a player receives two bad times (over 30 seconds) they will be issued a two stroke penalty. A second slow play penalty results in disqualification. 


Scoring- One player in each group will be identified as the "official scorer". The official scorer will put scores into the Live Scoring System remotely via cell phone. All players in the group are responsible for keeping their own score as well as that of one opponent. At the completion of the round a Tournament Official will read scores posted in the Live Scoring System. Players will confirm scores from the individual scorecards they kept during the round. Disputes will be settled at the discretion of the Tournament Official.


Measuring Devices- Measuring devices are permitted during play. Devices may not measure elevation or wind speed.

Greens Books- Green reading books are permitted during play. They must conform to USGA Regulations.

Carts- Players are permitted to ride carts in all events. Players must be of legal driving age to operate a cart. Players are not permitted to ride with their parents in the Spieth Flight. Underage players will be paired in a cart with players who are old enough to operate the cart. 

Rules Disputes- All rules disputes will be resolved by the Tournament Director.


Caddies/Advice/Parental Contact- Players in the Spieth and Creamer Flight are not allowed to receive any on course advice. Contact with parents must be kept to a minimum. If a Tournament Official deems too much contact is being made, a warning will be issued. If the contact continues the player in question maybe disqualified at the Tournament Director's discretion. Players in the McIlroy or Lewis Flight may receive coaching or caddying during the round. 

Sportsmanship- Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Any display of poor sportsmanship which includes but is not limited to: swearing, club throwing/tossing/beating, abusive language directed a parent or opponent, cheating, disrespect of the golf course, etc may be disqualified at the discretion of the Tournament Director. No warning is necessary. A suspension will accompany any disqualification. The length of the suspension is at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

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