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Birdie Fire

2022 will be the third season the MFJGT has used Birdie Fire as our Live Scoring Service. Our partnership has been a terrific addition to the Tour and for players who integrate the Decade Stat Keeping Software an amazing tool which allows tournament rounds to be easily charted automatically into your numbers.

Callaway Golf

Wilson Performance Golf has been a Callaway Professional Staff Member for  6 years now. WPG Players receive Callaway Product at wholesale cost plus shipping. A savings of over a thousand dollars on a complete set of clubs.


The stat keeping program provided by the people at BirdieFire is second to none. It is used by some 500+ college coaches to track their players statistics throughout the years tournaments and practices. Both MFJGT and WPG Players are eligible for considerable annual discounts. 

Rapsodo Launch Monitors

WPG Players receive a $50 discount on the purchase of a Rapsodo Launch Monitor. Already one of the more affordable monitors on the market, the discount brings the price under $500.

Super Speed Golf

WPG Players can purchase Super Speed Golf's Training Products at wholesale pricing. Super Speed has a 30 Day Performance Guarantee which is second to none...get faster or get your money back!

Under Armour Golf

Under Armour has been partners with WIlson Performance Golf for 6 years now. WPG Players receive a significant discount on all Under Armour Golf Apparel. 


Cam Wood Bats

Cam Wood Bats provide excellent speed training tools for aspiring players. Between their one and two handed training bats and their outstanding practice tee, Cam Wood can help you improve your swing. WPB Player receive a 10% discount on purchases made through our website.

Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics produces excellent tools for capturing important metrics regarding both hitting and pitching. These are some of the same tools used by Perfect Game in their creation of player scouting reports. WPB Players receive a 10% discount on all products purchased through our website.

Pitch Aware

Amazing pitch charting software brought to you by the makers of BirdieFire and Decade. With Pitch Aware players/coaches can track every throw made by every pitcher on the staff. WPB Players will receive a discount on the software.

True Temper Baseball

True Temper, one of the biggest names in the golf shaft industry is making a huge splash in the baseball bat game. Using their state of the art development tools, their bats promise to be the best on the market. WPB Players receive a considerable discount on all bat purchases.

Wilson Gloves

One of the preeminent names in baseball gloves, the A2000 is the choice of almost one third of all major league starters. Clayton Kershaw, Vlad Guerrero Jr, Carlos Carrera, Jose Altuve and Mookie Betts are some of the superstars who choose A2000. WPB Players will receive a 10% discount on all WIlson Baseball Products.

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